Green houses are made of sustainable natural materials which ensures that your home is safe from any chemical or other toxins that can possibly harm you, your family, your neighbors and even your environment. Most of these building materials include non-toxic paint, solar and/or wind energy, insulated walls, woods, rain water and wind turbines.


We make & execute our designs while taking care for 5 basic elements.


  • Use of Athanagudi Tiles which causes Lesser C02 emissions
  • Terrace Gardens Reduce overall heat absorption of buildings
  • Lower cement usage as well as thermal insulation of home


  • Grey water management helps to keep 55% lesser water consumption
  • No wastage of water from Kitchens & Showers


  • Use of solar energy reduces green house gas emission and does not pollute the water and create the noise.
  • Refurbished woods can be used for doors and windows which inturn helps in reduction of deforestation.
  • Use of natural clay material like porotherm blocks and mudbricks minimizes the consumption of cement and steel.


In-house team of structural designers, MEP engineers & structural draftsman

Good perspective & technical knowledge of green homes

Cost efficient, Quick plan & fast design process

What we offer


  • 2D Floor Plans
  • 3D Elevation Designs
  • Internal Isometric Views to understand eco friendly design better

  • Floor to floor height – 10’6”
  • Steel (500 TMT bars) – Bhuwalka/Kamadhenu
  • Cement (Grade 53) – JSW/Penna/Dalmia
  • UG Sump, Rain water and Grey water Tanks of 15,000L cumulative capacity built with solid blocks of 6” thickness & waterproof plastered for better storage of water
  • Concrete – M20 grade for slabs & beams; site mix for other elements
  • Filler slab- Filler material (like- earthen pots, clay tiles etc.) for every 10 Sqft interval is provided- Rs-50/pc
  • Porotherm blocks – 6” & 4” thickness (unplastered)
  • Plastering – to suit elevation & on concrete surfaces, wherever necessary only
  • External plastering with waterproofing compound – Dr. Fixit/FOSROC for concrete surfaces only
  • Crystalline waterproofing, Cinder filling in sunken toilets, Heat & Waterproofing in Terrace
  • Grey water and rainwater harvesting tanks included. Filters for the same are to be procured by the client
  • Steel/concrete lofts are not included

  • Working drawing for all works
  • Schedule of Openings
  • Section and Elevation

  • Complete 3D design interiors.
  • 2D furniture layout.
  • Assisting in interior procurement.

  • Structural Design as per IS Code.
  • Good for construction drawings Eco-friendly structural design along with the incorporation of eco-friendly materials Design Analysis report

  • Electrical Layout with incorporation for PV electricity
  • Plumbing Water Line Layout with grey water & rainwater recharge drawing
  • Plumbing Drainage Line Layout

  • Construction Plan Sanction
  • Temporary Electricity connection
  • Permanent electrical connection
  • Water connection
  • Sewage connection

  • All areas expect below– Athangudi/ Clay/ Ceramic or similar material- Rs.60/- per Sqftl
  • Staircase & Foyer Area – Granite – Rs.100/- per Sqft
  • Balcony, Sit-out, Passage Areas – Clay tiles – Rs.45/- per Sqft
  • Toilet Floor – Anti-skid tiles – Rs.50/- per Sqft
  • Toilet Wall Dado (Full height) – Light & Highlighting tiles – Rs.45/- per Sqft
  • Parking Area – Parking tiles – Rs.40/- per Sqft
  • Kitchen counter top – Granite – Rs.100/- per Sqft
  • Kitchen Wall Dado (Up to 2’ above counter) – Backsplash tiles – Rs.50/- per Sqft
  • Puja Room Wall tiling- Not Included

  • All plastered surfaces – wall putty + primer coat + paint
  • All un-plastered surfaces – primer coat + Protek paint
  • Brand – Asian/Berger/Dulux
  • Texture Painting as shown in the elevation

  • Light & power points – as per client requirements
  • Conduits – Good quality, hidden in slabs and walls
  • Fire proof copper wire – Finolex/Polycab
  • External electrification is included
  • Switches & Plates – Anchor/Roma make
  • A main DB & MCB – IndoAsian make
  • Provision for Solar (PV) electricity
  • Electric Car charging point in the parking area

  • Water supply system – Internal & External
  • Connection for water inlet from corporation
  • External sewage system – Inspection chambers & sewage outlet to Site boundary
  • Class B CPVC pipes – Ashirwad/Astral make
  • Solar & Geyser Provision
  • Rain water & Grey water harvesting facility – storage and reuse
  • SS Overhead Tank based on per capita consumption

  • Kitchen sink: SS/Granite/Carysil & Accessories – Rs.8,000/- per kitchen
  • CP & Sanitary fixture as Wash Basin, WC, Taps and other accessories like bottle trap, gratings etc.: Jaquar/Hindware – Rs.22,000/- per bathroom attached toilet and Rs.10,000/- per powder room (If any)
  • Electrical Fixtures – Not included

  • Using Reclaimed & Refurbished wooden doors & frames- better than new and saving trees
  • Main, Puja Door – Teak Wood frame & shutter of refurbished wood including hardware – Rs.24,000/- per door
  • Internal Door – Sal wood frame & shutter of refurbished wood including hardware – Rs.10,000/- per door
  • Bathroom Door – Frame & shutter including of refurbished door hardware – Rs.7,500/- per door
  • Door Hardware – Ozone/Europa/Dorma make
  • Door Hinges – SS hinges
  • Door & Door Frame cost – Inclusive of planing, rebate, transportation etc.

  • UPVC or WPC windows – 5mm clear glass with MS Grills wherever needed
  • Basic price: uPVC with MS grill – Rs.550/- per Sqft
  • An upgrade of wooden refurbished windows can be opted for at an additional cost of 50/- per Sqft(charged on floor area)

  • Main Gate: MS Gate – Rs. 360/- per Sqft
  • Internal railing, External staircase & balcony railing: Designer MS Railing – Rs. 165/- per Sqft
  • Utility grill – Ground floor home only

  • Compound wall – Solid block walls of 4” thickness to suit the elevation or 5 ft tall hedges with chain link fence)foundation provided)
  • Excavation, Foundation, PCC, Size Stone Masonry with DPC course above SSM(on case of solid block wall)
  • Height of Compound wall – 5 Ft above Plinth level
  • Compound wall – Plastered & Painted

  • This proposal includes aesthetically pleasing elevation.
  • A 3D elevation is presented for client to choose from & design further
  • Design features can be added at nominal costs

  • A design if needed to be modified more than thrice shall be charged for accordingly
  • Government fees for the liaison bodies to be paid directly by the client and the complete fee payment for plan sanction in Panchayat limits need to be borne by client
  • Assuming the site & road level to be equal, if the ground level needs to be raised above 18”, it shall be charged for accordingly
  • Hard rock/soft rock excavation, if it arises shall be charged for accordingly
  • Buying new earth/sending existing earth for excavation/backfilling purpose shall be charged on actual
  • Basic price of Cement is Rs.350/- per bag & Steel is Rs.50,000/- per MT. Any increase in these prices shall be charged accordingly
  • Any work not mentioned within this package or outside the site boundary shall be charged for accordingly
  • One point of Electricity & water needs to be provided by the client free of cost to facilitate construction
  • Percentage of openings for doors & windows –up to 21% of the built up area. Any increase, shall be charged on actuals
  • SBC of soil is considered at 180 KN/M2 and depth of the foundation considered at 5 Feet, any increase in depth shall be charged accordingly on actuals upon site conditions
  • If there is constraints in material delivery or socking place and materials to be order in small quantities, the additional charges for the same shall be charged on actuals
  • A specific area to construct labour and material shed needs to be provided within 50 feet from the construction place by the client
  • Any road cutting charges for the connection of Electricity and Sewage lines is not included, such works shall be charged additionally
  • Filters for grey water & rain water tanks are not included
  • Specifications mentioned in the proposal shall be in co-relation to the floor plan finalized. Reduction of specification, if unavailable on the floor plan shall not account for reduction of prices.
  • NOTE: The above mentioned material specifications are generalized, the inclusion or the exclusion of the same shall vary depending on the floor plan.

  • A customized payment schedule will be shared based on the project specifications.

  • Construction guarantee – 1 Year;
  • Waterproofing warranty – 10 Years;
  • Guarantee & warranty is provided on Stamp paper

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